WordWeb Pro Bundle

WordWeb Pro Bundle 5

WordWeb Pro Bundle software program is multi-purpose dictionary and thesaraus

WordWeb Pro Bundle software program is more than just a combined dictionary and thesaurus. It can used to look up the words for any program and shows not only the definition but also the synonyms and related words.

In addition, there are usage examples and sound like links and helpful spelling links. There are many features including finding words matching a pattern, solving and finding anagrams, links between often-confused words and tab pages to check web references.

In addition, WordWeb Pro Bundle software program also has a one-click lookup for programs such as MS Word. The user can also add their own definitions to the database and add custom glossaries.

This application is capable of importing and exporting custom definitions and glossaries. WordWeb Pro Bundle software program allows the user to configure the program for English in American, British, Canadian, Australian or Asian English.

This application will be a valuable tool for students, teachers, writers and nearly anyone who needs to access information about words and phrases.